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    Ningbo Shuangdun Textile Canvas Co., Ltd. specializes in the production, chemical fiber spinning, weaving, waxing, plastic coating and canopy making of blended yarn vortex spun yarn, all cotton OE knitted yarn and denim yarn. Founded in 1978, the company has a plant area of 68,000m2, over 900 employees and total assets of RMB 160 million. Chairman: Wang Minglong.
    The company is located in Ningbo Yinzhou District along the coast, 12km away from Ningbo downtown, 6km away from Ningbo Lishe International Airport and 2km away from Dongqian Lake Resort, with advantageous geographic position and convenient transportation.
The company is a famous professional canvas manufacturer and a key cotton spinning enterprise in Yinzhou District, certified to ISO9001 Quality Management System in 2000 and obtained the rights of self-managed import and export in July 2002. “Shuangdun” OE cotton spun yarn was certified to “China Fiber Inspection Bureau Ecological Fiber Product”, and “Shuangdun” air spinning knitted yarn was certified to Saurer Belcoro Quality Standard and is especially suitable for flexible textiles. “Shuangdun” air spinning knitted cotton yarn was affirmed as Ningbo Brand Product by Ningbo Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision in 2008, and “Shuangdun” trademark was affirmed as Ningbo Famous Trademark by Ningbo Administrative Bureau for Industry and Commerce in 2007 and Zhejiang Famous Trademark by Zhejiang Administrative Bureau for Industry and Commerce in 2008. Our company obtained the title of “Ningbo Technology Enterprise” in 2009, and was re-certified to ISO9001 Quality Management System in 2009.
    In 2002, the company invested RMB 40 million to introduce D35 self-leveling high-speed drawing frame from Rieter, AUTOCORO312 intelligent high-speed full-automatic rotor spinning machine from Schlafhorst and other equipment. “Shuangdun” high-grade natural ecological OE cotton yarn has varieties of OEC7-40, and its quality index reaches 5-25% of Uster Statistics. Advanced management concept and scientific high-specification process formula ensure that we can continuously produce first-rate high-grade ecological all cotton OE knitted yarn and denim yarn.
    At the end of 2004, the company reinvested RMB 35 million to introduce top high-speed full-automatic rotor spinning machine AUTOCORO360, providing powerful guarantee for the spinning of high-grade OEC yarn.
In 2007, the company invested over RMB 100 million to establish Fenghua Shuangdun Textile Co., Ltd., and introduce full-automatic blowing-carding unit equipment from German Trutzschler and AUTOCORO-480 full-automatic rotor spinning frame from Schlafhorst. The company specially produces and sells high-grade all cotton air spinning low twist knitted yarn and woven yarn, and produces over 5,000 tons of yarn annually.
    In 2009, the company invested RMB 13 million to introduce world-class Japanese vortex spinning equipment which can annually yield 2,000 tons of blended products (green products mainly made of modal and tencel).
“Shuangdun” waterproof cloth mainly includes plastic coated cloth, wax cloth, canvas and organosilicon cloth, and is widely used for watertightness of food, port administrative affairs, railway, storage, wharf and other departments as well as transport vehicles. PVC plastic coated cloth passes the three-proof cloth inspection of “National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Fire Fighting Equipment”, and accords with three-proof cloth standard.
    The company has two waxing production lines which can produce 40,000 meters of wax cloth daily, two PVC plastic coating production lines which can produce 30,000 meters of plastic coated cloth daily and four canvas making production lines which can produce 8,000m2 canvas daily. Our products take high-strength polyester filament yarn as the base fabric, are featured by light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, cold resistance, watertightness and flame retardance, and are mainly used for vehicle and ship covering cloth, boom, canopy, tent, flexible door and infusion bag, luggage, clothing, building membrane material, inflatable product, fiberglass gridding cloth and other products.
    In the first tenet of “Customer Demands”, our company continuously develops novel and individualized high-tech products. Our company warmly welcomes you to create a glory!

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